In Saquella the family tradition has never been interrupted and, still today, it is the family that runs the company, with the capacity to bank on a profound knowledge of the product and market.

All members of the Saquella family are versed from their early years in the culture of espresso and the art of the coffee roasting through highly specialised training. The formulas and the secret recipe of all classic blends are passed on from one generation to the next.

Alongside the past, the present made up of new product research and trade secrets jealously guarded by an entire family.

The Saquella company is located in Pescara. The plant which rises on an area of 11,000 sq. m.,of which 5,000 is covered, is provided with sophisticated and high-technology equipment which co-exists with an experience acquired in over a hundred years.


Saquella Coffee is one of the few Italian enterprises to have its own custom warehouse on the production site, permitting direct "absolute standard" control of coffee bags shipped from all over the world.

More than 20 varieties of raw coffee are blended and packaged by modern machinery to satisfy the many and varied demands of the international marke.

When the product has been packaged and is ready for distribution, Saquella conducts further total quality control tests, based on sampling, to confirm all the characteristics of the packaged coffee: weight, material, one-way valves and sealing procedures.


On the Italian market, the company's consolidated presence in the finest bars and restaurants, as well as supermarket chains and traditional retail stores, makes Saquella Coffee a leading Italian coffee roaster - especially in central Italy .

The Saquella Coffee internationalisation process began in the 70's.
Today Saquella Coffee boasts a solid foreign market that accounts for 50% of production, thanks to the excellent trade relations with more than 40 countries, including the German market through the subsidiary company Saquella Deutschland.


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