New!     Sinfonia Linea Retail  
  Crema Classica 1000g. Finesse 1000g.
  1kg packages in beans HORECA  
  Espresso Major Bar 1Kg. Espresso Oro Bar 1Kg.
  Espresso Napoli Bar 1Kg. Espresso Crema Bar 1Kg.
   Miscela Espresso Napoli  Miscela Crema Italia
   Miscela Blue  
    New!      3kg tins in beans HORECA
   Gran Miscela Bar Gold in Latta da 3Kg  3kg tin in beans
    Origin coffee pods HORECA, Retail, Vending  
  Guatemala Antigua Costarica HG
  Brasile Santos Dulce Giava Gugu
    New!      Bar Italia HORECA, Retail  
     100% Arabica    Gran Crema
     Gran Gusto    Extra Crema
    New!     Soft Pads HORECA, Retail, Vending  
  Gran Crema Espresso Gran Crema Cappuccino
  Gran Crema Cappuccino ChocoNoisette Gran Crema Classic
  Gran Crema Mild Gran Crema Dekaf
    Espresso Pods HORECA, Retail, Vending  
  Capsule Crema Italia Gran Gusto Capsule Crema Italia Decaffeinato
  Espresso 100% Arabica Espresso pods Regular
  Espresso pods Dekaf  
    Herb and Tea pods HORECA, Retail, Vending  
  Barley Pods Ceylon Tea Pods
  Wood Fruit Pods Aromatic Herb Pods
    250g. ground bags vacuum-packed Retail  
  Espresso Oro 250g. Espresso Bar 250g.
  Espresso Napoli 250g. Espresso Crema 250g.
  Espresso Dekaf 250g.  
    Multiple packs Retail  
  Espresso Bar 2x250g. Espresso Bar 4x250g.
  Espresso Napoli 2x250g. Espresso Napoli 4x250g.
  Espresso Crema 2x250g. Espresso Crema 4x250g.
    250g ground coffee vacuum packed boxed bags Retail  
  Espresso 100% Arabica - 250g. Espresso Tradizione - 250g.
    250g tin ground vacuum-packed Retail  
  Espresso Bar Italia Gran Gusto 250g. Espresso 100% Arabica tin 250g.
  Espresso Oro tin 250g. Espresso Napoli tin 250g.
  Espresso Decaffeinato tin 250g. Espresso Gourmet Miscela Blu tin 250g.
  Espresso Gourmet Micela Rossa tin 250g.  
    Instant Products Retail  
  Instant Coffee -100g -3,5 oz. glass jar Cappuccino Espresso Napoli
  Cappuccino Espresso Tradizione  
    Additional products HORECA  
  Chocolate Powder 1 kg.tin Sweetener
  Lemon tea Peach tea
    Barley pods for professional machine  Cioccolatini Linea Expression
   Zucchero in bustine  Zucchero di canna
    Coffee in beans Vending  
  Miscela Oro Miscela Rossa
    Espresso coffee machines  
  Saquella POD System Terry
  Nuvola Innova Dream
  Cialda Vapor Cialda Vapor Double
    Promotional HORECA  
  Espresso cup Cappuccino cup
  Milk cup Small glass
  Glass Tea cup
  Paper cup large Paper cup medium
  Paper cup small Plastic cup
  Internal sign Wall Clock
  Napkins holder Large sugar cup
  Napkins Undercup
  Ashtrey Coffee beans covered with chocolate
  Sweetner Brown sugar
  Sugar External sign
  Long apron Short apron
  Sun umbrella large Sun umbrella
  Expression: Wall clock Expression: Espresso cup
  Expression: Cappuccino cup Expression: Small pieces of chocolate
  Expression: Napkins holder Expression: Sugar

     Saquella 1856 S.r.l.
     via Torretta, 24 - 65128 Pescara (ITALY)
     tel (+39) 085 432171
     fax (+39) 085 52086

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