A skilled barman is the last, yet indispensable link in the chain of authentic Italian espresso.
Only an expert hand can bring out the very best in the product of the coffee roaster's craft. The barman is in fact in charge of all stages of brewing, selecting and controlling the quality of the coffee.

The barman also:

  • checks and follows coffee storage conditions to ensure that product quality remains intact
  • stores the product in a dry, cool environment (10-20°C)
  • fills the grinder-dispenser at the beginning of the work shift

While grinding the coffee beans, the barman:

  • adjusts the grind type by means of the ring nut or knob, carrying out a series of tests (25-35 ml should be brewed in 20-30 seconds: if more time is required, the ring nut is tightened, or viceversa if less time is necessary);
  • adjusts the quantity and weight of coffee dispensed by regulating the dispenser screw (6 to 7.5 g per level pull);
  • presses the coffee in the filter holder with the presser at the front of the dispenser or the manual presser, to a pressure of 20 kg;
  • removes excess coffee from the edge of the filter holder by hand or with a brush;
  • cleans the blade teeth with a brush.

Some operations depend directly on the experience and skill of the barman, who:

a) checks any overheating of the ground coffee in the dispenser or change in the grinding noise that could indicate grind blade wear;

b) in the case of semiautomatic grinder- dispensers, fills the dispenser to 50% capacity to avoid overheating the machine and therefore the coffee;

c) never pours ground coffee into the hopper with the coffee beans to avoid compromising quality and hygiene standards; coffee should always be freshly ground, never reground.

The barman also checks that the coffee bean hopper is clean of oil.

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