Longs years of coffee roasting tradition and experience in promoting Italian espresso throughout the world are behind the Pod System Saquella, designed to ensure a cup of espresso with the finest flavour and aroma.

The Saquella Pod System can use any type of pod, though recommends the use of the Poddy, containing a select blend of high-quality coffee.
Poddy gives the pleasure of a real, creamy espresso with intense aroma and delicate, persistent flavour, in keeping with the Italian coffee-making tradition.

The SAQUELLA POD SYSTEM allows you to make a delicious, authentic espresso even with a small machine.


  • Maximum speed: no need for a coffee grinder
  • Maximum simplicity: the coffee is already ideally ground and compressed in the pod
  • Maximum convenience: management and inventories are greatly simplified
  • Maximum freshness: long, full-bodied quality and fragrance are guaranteed
  • Maximum tidiness: no filter residues or waste
  • Maximum profitability: the practical, high-quality Pod System ensures profit margins and an enhanced image for the establishment

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