Roasted coffee beans are ground to:

  • extract all the substances contained
  • increase the water-contact surface

Each blend has a corresponding grind, the correct granulometry obtained through continuous testing.

The ideal grind allowing optimal water passage through the coffee must be adjusted to air and ambient humidity.

Made of transparent plastic (1 - 2 kg capacity).
The hopper should be regularly cleaned to remove oil build-up on the walls.

Comprising one fixed and one rotating plate, actuated by electric motor. The rotation speed is set, while the distance between the plates can be adjusted.

  • rotating speed: 900 -1400 rpm
  • diameter: 75-64 mm
  • productivity: 9-20 kg/h
  • wear check at: 300-400 kg
  • flat blades are more economical
  • limited grinding applications

  • rotating speed: 400-600 rpm
  • diameter: 49-120 mm
  • productivity: 20-75 kg/h
  • wear check at: 600-800 kg
  • greater productivity than flat blades
  • more grinding applications
  • less overheating

The dispenser is a container designed to collect the ground coffee (approx. 150 g) and dispense it volumetrically. Different versions exist:

Version A - automatic

  • Filling starts and stops automatically by microswitch inside the dispenser.

Version S - semiautomatic

  • The dispenser dispenses a variable quantity of coffee (between six and seven gm) when the mechanism (electronic or lever) is operated. ¥ Filling is controlled by a switch.
  • The dose is adjusted by means of a central screw.
  • The weight of the dose depends on the volume and specific weight of the coffee.
  • The dispenser should be cleaned weekly with a brush.

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