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Company Philosophy: mission of an italian coffee maker
Our History: a coffee story
The Brand's evolution (tea, coffee, ..)
Saquella Today: a gourmet coffee brand
Certifications: the quality of our espresso coffee
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250g. ground bag vacuum-packed coffees
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Espresso Pods
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Espresso Pods
Espresso Machines
Origin coffee espresso pods
(Espresso Coffee) Soft Pads

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Saquella Worldwide
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Espresso Training

The Bean
The seed of a fruit
The history of Coffee
Growing Coffee: Climatic zones and Countrues of origin
Coffee Varieties
Harvesting Methods
Bean Characteristics
Production Methods
Bean Roasters

The Art of the Espresso Coffee
How to make a cup of real Italian Espresso
Coffee Recipes
Espresso and other systems
The benefits of Coffee
Coffee Grinding
Espresso pods
Saquella POD System

The Espresso Machine
The espresso machine
Water-coffee circuit
Brewing group
Brewing open circuit
Closed circuit
3 Groups

The Barman
Preliminary machine operations

Espresso Machine: Maintenance
ater treatment system

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