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For over a century, Saquella Coffee masterly performs the art of an Italian espresso through the continuous quest for perfection.

A quest that is expressed by the meticulous selection of raw materials and use of the latest technology in all the stages of production and distribution.

However, even when research brings new forms of production and use, such as the innovative Saquella POD system, the most important target for Saquella Coffee remains the same as a century ago.

Handing down unchanged the incomparable Italian pleasure of a real espresso.

     Saquella 1856 S.r.l.
     via Torretta, 24 - 65128 Pescara (ITALY)
     P.IVA 00061490686
     tel (+39) 085 432171
     fax (+39) 085 52086

caffe pod Discover our new
Saquella Soft Pads

caffe grani

From a sublime blend with the best sorts of coffee Arabica and Robusta from the Java isle arose a coffee blend whit a superior taste.
Full-bodied and sweet, with an intense and persistent flavour, the Selezione Esclusiva Gold is a coffee for real connoisseur.

From today find the Origin Coffees in the best places: Gourmet Selection, coffees for connoisseurs.

3kg tin in beans: from today a new way of stocking up with your favourite coffee!

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